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The Association of Chicagoland Externship and Practicum Training Sites (ACEPT) was formed in November 2003 by psychology graduate programs and training sites seeking to improve the structure and ethical standards of the practicum application process for graduate students. The graduate programs and training sites that have agreed to adhere to the following standards have committed themselves to abiding not only to the letter of the guidelines, but also the spirit as well.

ACEPT promotes ethical and respectful conduct throughout the practicum application process. Constructed in an atmosphere of mutual collaboration between schools, sites, and students, these guidelines clarify the responsibilities and roles of all parties, specify acceptable and unacceptable conduct, and promote professional courtesy.

Next ACEPT General Meeting - Friday, February 5th

The schedule for the February 5th meeting via Zoom will be as follows:

  • 1:00 - 2:00 PM - Virtual General Meeting
  • 2:00 - 3:30 PM - CE/CEU Webinar from Dr. Bill Johnson
  • Presentation Title: The Prototyped Victim and An Expanded View of Gendered Racism

If you are interested in attending either the General Meeting or Presentation to please email ACEPT at 

Webinar: The Prototyped Victim and An Expanded View Of Gendered Racism

Despite international attempts to reduce the insidiousness of oppression, racism remains a seemingly immovable fixture in American society. Research has revealed that White Americans hold negative racial attitudes and often experience resistance against examining White privilege (Bowman, 2010). Missing is an analysis of gendered racism between White women and Black men.  This presentation will highlight prototype victim and prototype perpetrator research to help broaden understanding of White female public displays of racism against Black men. The differences in how White women publicly demonstrate their racism has surfaced frequently with the aid of technology. This new depiction of the White Woman has been coined the ‘Karen.’ The term “Karen” is simply the label for adult White Women who are perceived to behave in a racist way in public. Prototype research is used to expand the construct understanding of gendered racism manifested by White women. The micro example of racism targeted towards Black men will be used to provide historical and contemporary depictions of the aforementioned gendered racism. The presentation concludes with implications for anti-racist clinical training and supervision.


Presenter Biography: Bill Johnson, Psy.D. (Staff Psychologist @DePaul University Counseling Services)

Dr. Bill Johnson II is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. He is currently a Staff Psychologist at DePaul University Counseling Services, and sees clients in his private practice. In addition to providing individual and group counseling for university students, he is also responsible for outreach and programming focused on students of African descent. Dr. Johnson graduated with his Doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Wright State University, School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Johnson is licensed as a Psychologist in both Illinois and New York states.  Prior to working at DePaul University, he lived and worked in Victoria, Australia. During this time, he was registered as a clinical psychologist with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority and was a member of the Australian Psychology Society College of Clinical Psychology. He has published articles and delivered presentations at national and international conferences on the intersection of race and gender. 


Given the unpredictability of the year ahead, ACEPT has been working on options for virtual meetings, etc, in order to continue our tradition and commitment to a sense of community.  We feel that even though we may not be able to be together in person, we can still create and maintain a solid connection with one another.  Please check for updates regarding upcoming meetings as well as this year's practicum fair.  We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this unpredictable time.  

Posting Open Externship Positions (Fall 2020):
ACEPT acknowledges the especially challenging landscape of COVID19 and its impact on clinical training. When reviewing student applications for practicum or for internship, we ask that you keep in mind that student training has been disrupted. Please consider this with regards to direct clinical hours in particular. ACEPT also asks that training sites put trainee safety and health first and follow the CDC/IDPF guidelines in accordance with exposure to COVID, following protocol if/when trainees fall ill or are exposed to COVID. It is important to note that trainees are a vulnerable population as many do not have access to health care due to their role as students.

We also acknowledge that some students have been displaced from their practicum sites due to various concerns that have arisen in relation to the health crisis. We ask for flexibility and understanding due to these unusual circumstances. If any sites have additional flexibility to offer training, please fill out the form HERE. We will be posting lists of practicum openings on our website over the next few weeks.

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ACEPT provides guidelines around the practicum match process; supports students, graduate programs, and sites in this process; and promotes a welcoming training community emphasizing togetherness and belonging.  ACEPT does not oversee the appropriateness of sites for placing students or graduate programs.  For more information, please visit our Membership Tab above.  

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