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Community Didactic Exchange Program

The Community Didactic Exchange is a program developed by ACEPT to connect training sites and facilitate the coordination of a community-wide exchange of didactic trainings for students.  Sites can contact one another directly utilizing the directory to schedule speakers to come to their site to present to students and staff on a variety of topics relevant to the field and practice of psychology.

Sites can then coordinate with one another to “exchange” didactic trainings.  For example, Site A schedules a training from Site B, and then Site B can schedule a training from Site A for a future date.  Trainings should be provided at no cost (or a small honorarium if the sites agree) in order to facilitate a sense of community for trainees and sites.  It is strongly encouraged that sites honor the “exchange” model.  This ensures that both sites receive training and that we build a strong training community through partnership, collaboration, and a shared vision.

To schedule a training, please contact the site’s designated contact person listed on the Community Didactic Exchange.  If you are interested in being added to the list, please contact ACEPT at