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Covid Vaccines

Cook County is currently in phase 1b of the Department of Public Health distribution plan. This means that vaccines are currently only available to healthcare workers, long time facility residents, essential workers, and people 65 years or older. With that being said, using these guidelines there may still be a way to become vaccinated or prepare for vaccination when Cook County enters a new phase, or when new distribution centers open. To find more information about the Cook County Vaccination Community Vaccination Program, please visit 

For those that are uninsured and need COVID-19 testing or want vaccination: the COVID Claims Reimbursement to Health Care Providers and Facilities for Testing, Treatment, and Vaccine Administration allows providers and facilities to be reimbursed for COVID tests or vaccines that they administer to uninsured individuals for free. The provider collects information from the individual and then makes a claim for their payment from the COVID relief fund. Healthcare providers are not required to report immigration status. For more information about funds and eligibility, please visit,uninsured%20individuals%20with%20a%20COVID%2DAsk your healthcare provider or healthcare facility if they utilize the program

Proof of 1a Status - Several externs have been able to receive a letter as proof of identification as a therapist or as someone who is an essential critical infrastructure worker from supervisors or training directors . This has been an option for students who are located at practicum sites that are not providing the vaccine. This is an excellent avenue as most sites require proof of work/status to satisfy requirements under the Department of Public Health distribution plan. Ask your supervisor or training director to see if this is an option for you. 

Oak Street Health - At select locations of this clinic, COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed. Because supply is limited and safety is important, they require that an appointment be made. While signing up, they also provide updates about vaccine availability in your area. If interested, please visit 

Loyola University Medical Center - At the medical care center, Loyola is also distributing COVID-19 vaccines. Supply and staff are limited so they ask that registration and an appointment be made before arriving. Their distribution locations are in Maywood, Berwyn, and Oak Park. Please visit for registration and for  more information.

Walgreens - This widespread pharmacy is one of the many places where one could get tested for COVID-19. Now, your local drug store and pharmacy is a COVID-19 vaccine distributor. To make an appointment, please visit This site also provides information about the vaccine, eligibility, and possible side effects.

CVS Pharmacy - For those that are uninsured, your local CVS can now offer the COVID-19 vaccine for free through the COVID Claims federal program (see above). For information about what to bring to the appointment, make an appointment, and information about the vaccine, please visit