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Housing Programs

Housing insecurity can be stressful and negatively impacts both physical and mental health. Below is a list of shelters (including domestic violence shelters), and federal rent and housing programs.


Rental Assistance Program (RAP) - RAP is a Chicago program that gives funding to those who are at risk of becoming homeless because they will be evicted, experienced loss of income, or other hardships. Qualifications must be met and proof of hardship (i.e. eviction notice) must be provided. The application process is online, occurs once a year and is a lottery process. For more information about eligibility for RAP and about the application process, please visit 


Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) - The Housing Choice Voucher program is a federally funded program that assists low income families, disabled, or elderly people by paying 75% of the rent for housing of their choice. Because demand for this program is higher than what is available, it may take long times for acceptance into the program and priority is given to those whose needs are high. While housing options are limited, this program ensures that those who are eligible live in safe and clean homes. The vouchers must be applied for and are given by your local public housing agency. For more information, please visit

Community Service Centers - Community centers in the various south and west Chicago neighborhoods provide warming and cooling centers for extreme weather, food, shelter, domestic violence help and other resources. The community service  centers also provide referral programs. The center location and contact information are found at the following link, 


Shelter List - If there is a need for shelter, please use this link  to find available shelters. There are filters to find shelters that service specific populations (i.e. men only, families) as well as provide specific services (i.e. food services). 

Chicago Homeless Shelter Directory - Here is another list for those who are in need of shelter in Chicago and all other surrounding areas. Please check with the organization’s page to confirm openings. Use the link