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Legal Resources

In times of unfortunate events when legal action is required, it is important that everyone find affordable legal aid and assistance. Within the Chicagoland and Cook County area, there are resources for those with low income so that they may acquire appropriate legal assistance. For detailed information on legal aid in Chicagoland and Cook county, click this link for access to a full guide drawn up by the Circuit Court of Cook County. The highlights are as follows:

CARPLS - As Cook County’s largest legal aid services, Coordinated Advice and Referral Program for Legal Services provides a hotline where one can call and speak directly to attorneys for legal advice. The hotline is recommended as the first step for seeking aid and the number is (321) 738-9200. In addition, CARPLS also offers court based help centers for those who are representing themselves. CARPLS only provides services and does not represent clients in courts. For more information, please visit or see page 6 of the guide.

Court Based Help Centers - The court based help centers are first come first served basis. Be prepared to wait for an appointment once arriving. The centers help those who are representing themselves. There are several types of court based help centers at different locations. For those who are representing themselves, visit the Daley Center Concourse Level 16 (CL-16). It is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. For more information about the help centers, please visit, 

Lawyers - In civil courts, one does not have the legal right to a free lawyer, but there are other options for those who want lawyers but may not be able to afford them. JEP lawyers provide affordable fees and flexible options (visit The Greater Chicago Legal Clinic provides a sliding scale fee for their clients (visit There are also referral services for those who need help looking. One of these referral sites is There are other referral sites listed on the guide's page seven.

List of Services - On page 11 of the guide starts a list of organizations for different types of aid. The list includes: accidents/personal injury, adoption, artists and art organization, bankruptcy/debt collection, child abuse/neglect, child custody, child guardianship, child support, civil rights, consumer law, disability, divorce, domestic violence, employment, eviction, insurance benefits, and much more.