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Medical Care

It can be discouraging to not seek medical attention or preventative care because of the inability to pay for medical treatment or because of the challenges to find an affordable insurance plan. Below is a list of resources that will help you find an insurance plan, receive affordable healthcare, or a financial assistance program to help cover costs.

Community Health Center (CHC) - Community health centers will help provide assistance based on your non-emergency needs. With funding from the government, they can charge on a sliding scale fee. This resource is perfect for those who are uninsured or have a low income. Please call your local center so they may help you find the appropriate service. No one will be turned away because of their financial status. To find your local center, use the following link,

Medicaid - Under the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid is a state and federally funded program that provides assistance in medical payments. In other words, it is government funded medical insurance. To be eligible, one must be either low income, pregnant, the primary caregiver of a parent or child, be 65 years or older, and/or have a disability. For more information, use the following link,  To apply for Medicaid, use the following link,, or apply at a community health center that provides assistance with the application. Depending on the insurance plan, not all medical providers will accept your insurance. Once you receive your plan, please check on your personal portal to find providers that will accept your plan. Find a list we put together, here

Health Insurance Marketplace - Created by the Affordable Care Act, the Marketplace (also known as the Exchange) is a service in which individuals can “shop” for and apply for different medical insurance. This service is for those who do not have do not have medical insurance and need assistance finding the right care provider for them. People who enroll in an insurance program through the Marketplace pay a monthly premium. There is an open enrollment period every year and usually ends in December. To find out more about the Marketplace, visit and to find out more about the application process, visit There may also be important tax information regarding the Marketplace that can be found here

CareLink - It is not an insurance plan, but an assistance program for residents in Cook County who are either uninsured or whose current insurance plan does not cover them fully. This financial assistance program helps cover the cost of services only at Cook County Health facility. In order to be eligible, you must not be qualified for either Medicaid or Medicare. To enroll in the program, call (866)223-2817. For more information about CareLink and insurance coverage at Cook County Health Clinic, please visit 

CVS Minute Clinic - Because CVS Health Corporation now owns Aetna, the CVS Minute Clinic now accepts Aetna (a Medicaid health plan). In addition, the CVS Minute Clinic claims to cost 40% less than urgent care and will not turn down anyone for lack of medical insurance. They accept most insurances. They are located inside select CVS Pharmacys. The minute clinics in Chicago have an affiliation with Rush University Medical Center. For more information, please visit

UIC Dental Services - The University of Illinois offers free dental services to those who have Medicaid. Dental students in their final years of training provide the services under the supervision of dentists. The clinics take appointments during certain morning hours depending on the service needed. You can call (312) 996-4958 for the general dentistry line which opens at 9 am. For adult urgent care, call (312) 996-8636 and the line opens at 8 am. Please call as early as possible. For more information, please visit

Cook County Dental Services - Cook County has many sites that provide dental services and accept Medicaid. The sites take appointments by call during certain morning hours so please call as early as possible and each site has different times of operation. To call the main hospital and for oral surgery, call the John H. Stoger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County at (312) 864-6000. For more information on the other sites, please visit 

New School for Massage - For $40 the New School for Massage Student Clinic can provide massages. The massages are provided by students under the supervision of an instructor. The students in the program’s Diploma track are massage clients for their training. Because they are students in training, they may only be able to provide a relaxing massage and may not be able to provide specific pressures or address certain issues and clients are matched to students at random. The school suggests reading the clinic’s policy before making an appointment. For more information and to book an appointment, please visit 

Here are some urgent care facilities who accept Medicaid

Sites to Find Providers who Accept Medicaid