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Guidelines Committee

The Guidelines Committee is responsible for evaluating and amending ACEPT’s guidelines for the Doctoral level practicum match process.  Joining the Guidelines Committee provides you the opportunity to network with colleagues who share your passion for training, while also having influence on how the match process is carried out.  The goal of ACEPT’s match guidelines is to strike a fair balance between advocating for students’ training needs throughout the match process, while also considering the organizational needs of schools, sites, and supervisors.  If you would like to join the committee for future match years, please email Lauren Nichols at


Possible Future ACEPT Match Process Information

Dear ACEPT Community,

As you have heard in our recent meetings, we have been collaborating with a few fellow externship organizations on the across the country. These organizations share their guidelines and methods in order to develop the best processes for their extern match and we were thrilled to be able to be a part of these conversations! This year, it seems that there has been some interest in pursuing an electronic match process similar to that of APPIC.

Every year, your ACEPT Executive Committee works hard to make the practicum match and notification process more streamlined. In order to continue this effort, we surveyed the ACEPT and Chicagoland community. Below is a link to the responses of the survey.

ACEPT Match Survey Responses click here

Match Proposal and ACEPT survey summary presented at the general meeting on November 2, 2018.

Additionally APA is sponsoring a Practicum Training Site Directory in New York and New Jersey that could potentially be expanded to Chicago and other regions in the U.S. This would be at no cost to sites or students. To see the current directory, please click here.

At the last ACEPT meeting a general discussion was had about the pros and cons of a match and site directory. Please see the discussion notes here.