We need your voice!

Not only does ACEPT recognize the importance of its member sites and graduate programs, but we find it imperative that students be able to share their experiences, give their input, and partake in leadership opportunities.  Enter the STUDENT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE!

We are currently looking for students who would like to take a leadership role, as well as be the voice of their fellow students through the processes of ACEPT.

The Student Committee is comprised of student representatives from various academic programs throughout the Chicagoland area.  The purpose of this committee is to gather the opinions of students about current ACEPT processes and provisions, as well as ideas about how ACEPT can best serve the student bodies.  As a Student Committee Member or Representative, students are asked to reach out to their respective student bodies to gather a general understanding of student opinions, needs, and ideas about the role of ACEPT in their training and professional development.  The inclusion of this committee allows for the dissemination and inclusion of student perspective that is of integral importance to the purpose and objective of ACEPT.  If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, please contact the Student Board Member listed below from your program, or contact our Student Committee Chair Bonnie Hassan bhassan@trinityservices.org

2019-2020 Student Executive Board Representatives
Lauren Ryan
Nina Suvagia
Tamara Smith
  Midwestern University
Bethany Mendoza
 Adler School of Prof. Psychology
Sarah Galvin
 Loyola University, Counseling Psychology
 Loyola University, Psychool Psychology
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 Wheaton College
 Roosevelt University
 Chicago School of Prof. Psychology

Student Executive Board Meeting Minutes