ACEPT Subcommittees

Student Executive Board

The student committee is comprised of student representatives from various programs throughout the Chicago land area.  The purpose of this committee is to gather the opinions of students about current ACEPT processes and provisions, as well as ideas about how ACEPT can best serve the student bodies.  Members are asked to reach out to their respective student bodies to gather a general understanding of student opinions, needs, and ideas about the role of ACEPT in their training and professional development.  The inclusion of this committee allows for the dissemination and inclusion of student perspective that is of integral importance to the purpose and objective of ACEPT.  Students are encouraged to contact their respective representative or the ACEPT Student Executive Board Chair, Bonnie Hassan


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is chaired by the ACEPT Secretary and is responsible for maintaining updated contact information for all ACEPT members, assisting current and potential members with membership questions, and reaching out to potential ACEPT members to discuss the benefits of ACEPT membership. This Secretary also manages the output of information to the community and the ACEPT email account. Joining the Membership Committee is a great way to get more involved with ACEPT while getting to know colleagues! If you are interested in joining the Membership Committee, please email committee chair and secretary, Gwen Grant


Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for articulating ACEPT’s organizational mission, vision, policies, and procedures. Where policies and procedures do not exist, the committee drafts wording to address the issue ahead of approval by the board. Joining the Bylaws Committee provides you the opportunity to network with colleagues who share your passion for best practices in clinical training. The bylaws committee dioes not currently meet on a regular basis.


Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for coordination of the professional development speakers at the ACEPT quarterly meetings as well as assisting the presenters in gaining the APA approval for Continuing Education Credits for attendees. In addition, this committee strives to strengthen the relationships between students, training sites, and academic programs through educational activities that serve the broader training community. If you are interested in joining the Professional Development Committee, or you are interested in presenting to the training community please email Sandra Clavelli at

Guidelines Committee

The Guidelines Committee is responsible for evaluating and amending ACEPT’s guidelines for the Doctoral level practicum match process. Joining the Guidelines Committee provides you the opportunity to network with colleagues who share your passion for training, while also having influence on how the match process is carried out. The goal of ACEPT’s match guidelines is to strike a fair balance between advocating for students’ training needs throughout the match process, while also considering the organizational needs of schools, sites, and supervisors. The Guidelines committee for the 2018-2019 training year is currently open for new members! If you would like to join the committee for future match years, please email Amanda Rios at